Old dog; New Tricks

The last couple of weeks have been a revelation to me.

To explain, I will have to give a little bit of insight into my nature.  I do like to write, and I do like to teach.  Given that I do not get the opportunity to do so on a regular basis, my circle of friends, relatives and co-workers often suffer my verbal diarhhea.

For the last year or so, my sister, neices/nephews and one friend in particular have insisted that I become ‘active’ on the net.  To satisfy them, I did join a professional networking site.  However, I was not active in that space.  Unfortunately, over a short time-period, this stopped satisfying the contingent and the pressure resumed.  So, two weeks ago, I relented.

I have started writing this blog.  I hope you find some value in it, because I definitely find value for myself in writing it and getting the comments from you (on and off the blog).  I also joined a social networking site (something I was dead-set against), which to my surprise did not turn out to be a complete waste of time.

So, what has been revealed to me?  From the blogging (yes – I know it has only been two articles), I have begun to re-connect with the passionate side of myself.  Not having done this before, I am only able to write about topics I truly believe in.  This has given me a renewed sense of vigor and confidence.  I am able to put into words my feelings and leave it out for the world to read.  I am able to say with confidence things which many people have much more knowledge of and experience in.  And I can do this without fear of criticism or argument.  This is a liberating thought, if I ever heard of one.  I believe that this will also benefit me in the offline world (or the ‘real’ world as I like to call it).  Hope, I continue to find the inspiration and confidence to write.

The social networking site seems to be changing the game for me.  I had read the articles, I had read the reviews, but was not prepared for the results.  Within one week, I have already connected with 2 dozen people who I had given up on interacting with ever again.  This includes family I had not met in years, friends in a different age that I barely remembered, colleagues who had moved on to better things over the years.  I still have to build up the courage to post regularly on the wall (personal messages visible to all???!!!), but I spend a significant amount of time using the chat functionality to renew the links that had been interrupted.  I can see the possibilities of the future and am finally beginning to understand the articles that I had read before.

Why are these thoughts blog-worthy?  Firstly, I feel a change I wanted to talk about.  Secondly, I wanted to find out from other people how they felt when they started.  Thirdly, give a first hand account to people who still troll the web, but have not started connecting.  Send me your views when you get the chance.

Moral of the story:  You CAN teach an old dog new tricks