What Would You Like With Your WT?

Wearable Technologies

Image: WallpaperHDFree.com

“Wearable Technology” is coming! It is coming in all shapes and forms. Whether you are a gadgeteer, a technologist, a fashionista, a carbon saver, or just walk the streets, you have a stake in what happens here…

From my perspective, this is a chance for technology to do some things right, right from the start.


  • Don’t make my smartphone do ALL the work. It is the hub, but protect my battery and help my pants stay up by keeping mobiles light and avoiding multiple battery packs. Distributed? Peer to peer chats where needed?
  • Standards and interoperability? Please don’t create a closed ecosystem. I don’t want to have to change my pacemaker because my smartphone died
  • Integrate, integrate, integrate! Create a whole, not a sum of the parts. I want a solution and not an architecture to plug things into. I do enough of that at work


  • Make my experience soar. Make things clean, easy to connect and easy to use. Please don’t fry my brain
  • Make information readily available at the right-time. Don’t bombard me in real-time until I ask. I have trouble concentrating as it is
  • Talk to the fashion people. I may be a geek, but I don’t want to look like one all the time. I prefer the look and feel of the image on the left.
  • Allow a device to charge others. I have run out of USB ports, especially for anything that is inside my body
  • Please make the charging wireless. My desk is a mess of wires; not sure I want to replicate it on my body

Save The Earth

  • Make use of all the things that have been touted – solar, piezo, etc. If I have to move and be in the sun to make my gadgets work, I can avoid the couch potato experience

Security And Privacy

  • Please use biometric security or whatever it takes. While I will be delighted to know my pulse after running at top speed for 3 minutes, I am not sure I want the person on the park bench to know it
  • Please have a clear visual indicator that cannot be disabled. I REALLY want to know when I am being recorded in video or audio. I need to be very careful what I do online; please leave me some space in the offline world
  • I am interested in spying on myself and myself alone. Help me not spy on other people and protect me when somebody else wants to spy on me. Difficult? Well, the size of this market with and without this feature would be an interesting clue…

There are choices in front of all the firms looking to get into this field, and believe me, there are a lot of them. The successful ones should be the ones that care about what we want. The question is if we care enough about what we want to make it a reality.

What do the 9-to-whatevers think?

2 thoughts on “What Would You Like With Your WT?

  1. I could well be termed an old shoe but I am gradually getting apprehensive about these things, the WT, the connected planet, the Internet of things and the likes. Admittedly, with the advent of all the ‘social’ gimmick, I feel compelled to live a ‘connected’ life and I am sure the likes of WT would suck me more into it. Part of me does not like that.
    But that being said, I guess its time to try and steer this change rather than being apprehensive. I liked the points you made. Would probably add the policing around it as well. There should be well laid out laws and a policing system well equipped and educated to handle the wrong-doers.

    • Siddhish,

      Thanks for taking the time out.

      I am sure you are not the only one with this dilemma. Progress always creates doubt since the downsides are seen before the benefits. If the rate of change is as high as it is today, then…

      Wearable technologies is something that WILL prove beneficial. But, like nuclear energy, there are downsides. Policing is definitely an option, but if there is some way to self-regulate, that would be quite preferable. As a society, we find that difficult, especially if we are in a position of power such as the NSA.

      Policing would be difficult in that scenario, so maybe there is a way to build it into the technology…


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