Old dog; New Tricks

The last couple of weeks have been a revelation to me.

To explain, I will have to give a little bit of insight into my nature.  I do like to write, and I do like to teach.  Given that I do not get the opportunity to do so on a regular basis, my circle of friends, relatives and co-workers often suffer my verbal diarhhea.

For the last year or so, my sister, neices/nephews and one friend in particular have insisted that I become ‘active’ on the net.  To satisfy them, I did join a professional networking site.  However, I was not active in that space.  Unfortunately, over a short time-period, this stopped satisfying the contingent and the pressure resumed.  So, two weeks ago, I relented.

I have started writing this blog.  I hope you find some value in it, because I definitely find value for myself in writing it and getting the comments from you (on and off the blog).  I also joined a social networking site (something I was dead-set against), which to my surprise did not turn out to be a complete waste of time.

So, what has been revealed to me?  From the blogging (yes – I know it has only been two articles), I have begun to re-connect with the passionate side of myself.  Not having done this before, I am only able to write about topics I truly believe in.  This has given me a renewed sense of vigor and confidence.  I am able to put into words my feelings and leave it out for the world to read.  I am able to say with confidence things which many people have much more knowledge of and experience in.  And I can do this without fear of criticism or argument.  This is a liberating thought, if I ever heard of one.  I believe that this will also benefit me in the offline world (or the ‘real’ world as I like to call it).  Hope, I continue to find the inspiration and confidence to write.

The social networking site seems to be changing the game for me.  I had read the articles, I had read the reviews, but was not prepared for the results.  Within one week, I have already connected with 2 dozen people who I had given up on interacting with ever again.  This includes family I had not met in years, friends in a different age that I barely remembered, colleagues who had moved on to better things over the years.  I still have to build up the courage to post regularly on the wall (personal messages visible to all???!!!), but I spend a significant amount of time using the chat functionality to renew the links that had been interrupted.  I can see the possibilities of the future and am finally beginning to understand the articles that I had read before.

Why are these thoughts blog-worthy?  Firstly, I feel a change I wanted to talk about.  Secondly, I wanted to find out from other people how they felt when they started.  Thirdly, give a first hand account to people who still troll the web, but have not started connecting.  Send me your views when you get the chance.

Moral of the story:  You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

4 thoughts on “Old dog; New Tricks

  1. Let us hope that this enthusiasm does not faze out with time as it had happened with me.:)
    When you start you have lots to talk about with different people, but there will be an end to that, cause i am sure they arent that close to you that you can continue chatting and connecting with them. If they were, you would not have drifted off in the first place.
    So when this phase comes, then it becomes difficult to maintain that vigour, unless you have the capability to strike up conversations or discussion topics anywhere, anytime.
    Possibly only then will we get to know if the change is an actual one or a spur of the moment thing. The blog is here to stay probably, but will undergo a test if comments dry up.

    • Thanks for your feedback Satyakam.

      I think you are much younger than me. The time of drifting apart for me was over a decade ago. It was much more difficult to keep in touch across the vast distances created – in today’s world it is much easier. Conceptually, I do agree with you – but if I am able to ‘connect’ with even 5% of the people I am talking about, it will be great…

      On the blog, I agree – people such as you are the ones who are going to keep this alive.

  2. Interesting read.

    Reminds me of the time when I started blogging. My first blog read something like this.

    “…….I don’t know why but probably, out of caprice, I am making these writings public. I do not see any motive, nor do I seek any benefit. I certainly do not claim to make a difference any damn where. Its a pure unadulterated caprice.

    Lets see where does it lead to.”

    It started with a caprice and although I have become increasingly less frequent since then, its always been very relaxing. Being able to paint the thoughts with a brush of words not only imparts a creative satisfaction but is also a catharactic experience and hence relaxing.

    To certain extent, I can call it ‘Passive public speaking’ also. Passive because the response (lashing or encore) is deferred and the audience is often unknown.

    Either way, its enjoyable and off course an excellent means of networking with like (or not so like) minded people.

    Hope it goes long way for you.

    • Thanks Siddhish for the best wishes. BTW, I have read some of your stuff and you really should write more often. Also, you should send me a link to your Mom’s blog.

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